Looks Like Post Formats UI Won’t Make it in WordPress 3.6

In an earlier announcement by WordPress core developer Mark Jaquith, the much anticipated WordPress 3.6 feature of Post Formats UI, will not be included in the next major release. The news comes as an “overwhelming consesensus [that] Post Formats UI is not ready for WordPress core…”

Mark also had this to say about the Post Formats UI. “I fought hard for it, and a lot of people put a lot of effort into it. But the result just isn’t compelling, or obvious, or any of the things that it should be. It’s not just a matter of polish, it seems to be a fundamental issue with the concept. The release can’t be held up any longer for this. It needs to come out. I should have made this decision earlier. That’s on me. But letting it ride would be the worse mistake.”

For now, Post Formats UI will become a plugin, similar to MP6.

I think this is a good move for WordPress core, so it has more time to bake and become a full feature within WordPress.

I’m still really looking forward to native support for audio and video in WordPress 3.6. Additionally, the new saving features.