Lean Themes Launching in January 2014

Lean Themes is a new premium WordPress themes company that will be launching in the following weeks. The two co-founders Derry Birkett (@derrybirkett) and Nick Davis (@nickcdavis) — both based in Italy — have given us a little taste of what will be coming through their website.

Lean Themes

The main theme on leanthemes.co is a Genesis child theme, so I can expect we will see some beautiful child themes for Genesis on the way from them. Nick Davis, listed as “Code” on their website, has his own company eSanctuary.net, which is also based on Genesis.

Derry Birkett also runs his own shop called ThemeDango.com. This site also sports some amazingly beautiful designs.

Together, they are coming together to launch Lean Themes and based on what I’ve seen from their personal portfolios, we can expect clean, crisp, and beautiful designs. Needless to say I’m excited about what they’re working on.

They already have their blog running, but it seems that Google was a little aggressive in indexing their site as it doesn’t seem to be intentionally public. But here’s a taste of their blog.

Lean Themes blog


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      Not yet, but I don’t imagine that ever being an issue. I rarely ever see speed issues with WordPress themes these days. The two co-founders look like strong coders.

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