Jetpack 2.4.0: Widget Visibility and Connect


The most recent update of Jetpack on September 4th, marks the release of Widget Visibility and Connect, both awesome features.

Widget VisibilityWidget Visibility is the simple, yet powerful, feature that is used on today. There are plenty of other stand alone plugins that offer similar functionality. Widget Visibility is a feature that was originally released just on, and now made its way into Jetpack for everyone to enjoy.

The functionality is very basic, “show” or “hide”, then choose which template view is active: category, author, tag, date, or page. I’m actually quite shocked that “post” isn’t an option (or “single”). Maybe there is something I’m blatantly missing to show or hide on a single post (like the one you’re currently viewing here on

The other feature in Jetpack 2.4.0 is Connect. By now you’ve hopefully heard of services like Facebook Connect or Google+ Direct Connect, both offering ways to login to a website through another site’s authentication. This is how Connect works. You can allow your users to first login to, then using those credentials, allow access to your website and not force them to register again. Connect

I haven’t tested out Connect yet. I have a hard time imagining that it’s ever going to have remotely the same Internet-wide usage as Facebook Connect. There is a limited amount of data that website owners can get out of Connect, so there isn’t much of an incentive for site owners to use it. Looking forward to see some usage stats on WPCC in 6 to 12 months down the road.

One aspect of Jetpack that I dislike is the fact that you are required to connect your site to before using any feature — including Widget Visibility. In case you’re the same mind set as me, you can check out Jetpack Slim, which is a feature-delayed version of Jetpack, without some of the features.


  1. By scimon on

    An even more useful missing Visibility option for those using WP as a CMS is show/hide based on the user’s role.

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I definitely agree with that, great suggestion.