How to Use Jetpack without a Account

Love it or hate it, Jetpack can be a huge help when running your WordPress website. Jetpack offers a ton of features for free.

Slim JetpackNot everyone has a account, however, so author “Wingerspeed” decided to fork Jetpack into a un-hooked version that doesn’t require a account. (some features are unavailable though.) stats, Subscriptions, Photon, and Push Notifications are just a few of the features that require a connected account. But some of the features that you can use without a account are Carousel, Contact Form, Shortcode Embeds, and the Mobile Theme.

This is a feature-packed version of Jetpack that doesn’t require a account. So if that’s how you want to roll, go ahead and grab Slim Jetpack. If you need some of the services that require a account, go ahead and grab the normal version of Jetpack.


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