Jetpack 2.5: Google+ Integration and Facebook Embeds


The Automattic team announced the release of Jetpack 2.5 today, with some really cool new features.

The Google integration became much tighter.

  • As a commenter, post comments using Google+
  • As an Author in WordPress, connect to your Google+ profile
  • Share on Google+ button (this is different than just a Google +1 button)
  • Embedding Google content – Google Calendars, Google Documents, and Google Maps

The 2.5 update doesn’t stop there, VideoPress is now included as a feature of Jetpack, rather than a stand alone plugin. This has both pros and cons, some folks have been vocal about Jetpack being “too much” and it could be starting to get there. But don’t worry, if you’re looking for a version of Jetpack that doesn’t require you to connect to, check out Jetpack Slim.

Lastly, Facebook embeds.

Jetpack now offers the ability to embed a Facebook post into your WordPress post. This is different than the Facebook like box, and it offers functionality such as like, comment on, and share the Facebook update, all without leaving your site.


  1. By Amba Junior on

    Now this is great! Have been waiting especially for the G+ integration. Glad it has come…

  2. By on

    I love Jetpack, I think it’s a vital addition to every client website but it does run the risk of being too much for a single plugin. Along with Jetpack, I recommend as a manditory plugin to stop it from automatically activating new features.

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Nice catch Christopher, thanks for dropping a comment to help inform my readers.

      I’ll start mentioning that where appropriate, to help provider webmasters with more control.