Jetpack 1.5 with Lightbox Carousel

Jetpack 1.5 is available for immediately release (and update.)

It’s not a massive release, but the update does include carousel functionality.

A very popular lightbox plugin is available that does something similar, written by Alex Mills. As of today, he is discontinuing development of it in light of the Jetpack release. He doesn’t feel like he needs to maintain a pluign with weaker functionality than what’s available in Jetpack now.

Here’s a glimpse at what it looks like.

Jetpack Carousel


  1. By Carter Photography & Design on

    That’s great, but has anyone been able to address the fact that the Jetpack Carousel does not support single images? In my opinion a lightbox solution should have the ability to support both galleries and single images within a post. Until Jetpack realizes this, I’ll be sticking with my current lightbox solution.

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  2. By uddhava on

    I fully agree with carter on the single image support. This should be incoorperated in jetpack. i choose for jetpack because it makes other plugins obsolete (less plugs = better performance). But i still need a lightbox plugin + jetpack and that creates problems.

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