Jetpack 1.4 and Jetpack Comments

Jetpack 1.4 was recently released, then shortly after updated to 1.4.1 — which is the currently available stable version.

One of the biggest updates to Jetpack was Jetpack Comments. Matt Mullenweg is excited for the recent Jetpack update.

After upgrading to JetPack 1.4.1, I decided to test out the new commenting system that JetPack incorporates.

Here is what the administration side looks like, after being enabled.

Jetpack Comments

I’m typically fairly impressed with what the Automattic team is doing with Jetpack, but this feature is actually kind of a let-down for me.

I was hoping for something more integrated with ratings and reputation, more along the lines of Disqus or Livefyre. After enabling it testing it, it really doesn’t look like more than an outsourced commenting form.

Each comment made has to be processed through — which is just one more http request that has to be made. There is some flexibility with the color scheme of the form itself now. But overall, I don’t see anything really worth enabling it for.

The color scheme and javascript movement could easily be done within a theme itself and wouldn’t need to go through a third-party to actually process the comment.

While having the ability to post a comment using your account could be really useful for some folks, I particularly don’t think I’ll be enabling it anytime soon.

Have you downloaded and tried out the new Jetpack 1.4.1 yet? What do you think about it?

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