JetPack 1.2.1* in the Wild

JetPack, produced by the team, is a great plugin that lets you add functionality from, directly to your self-hosted WordPress site. Features such as stats, sharing options, spelling and grammar correction, even shortcodes.

The JetPack team announced the latest release of the plugin and it’s available for download immediately.

Here is the list of updates made in this release.

  • Email subscriptions to your blog
  • Improved UI for showing new and updated Jetpack features
  • Better support for other languages
  • Smarter and safer Jetpack upgrades
  • New Shortcodes for VideoPress & Google Maps
  • Added LinkedIn and Google+ buttons to Sharing UI
  • Image Widget
  • RSS Links Widget

I’m a big fan of JetPack, especially shortcodes and stats.

Fire it up! Go grab your JetPack today!

* UPDATE: After finding a few bugs, the JetPack team has released 1.2.1. Here are the bug fixes.

  • Missing/Inaccessible Sites Stats page: We made the stats pages faster in Jetpack 1.2. In Jetpack 1.2.1, we actually made them visible.
  • Scary looking errors during upgrade: There were some nasty looking, but ultimately harmless, errors during upgrade for some people.
  • The “menu bubble” for new features shows the wrong number: For some types of upgrades, the bubble’s count was incorrect.
  • The presence of VaultPress is not detected accurately: Our colleagues at VaultPress fixed this one for us.
  • Bad link to Jetpack FAQ: Lastly, a tiny update that only the eagle-eyed spotted.