Introducing VaultPress Lite

VaultPress:  WordPress Backup by AutomatticIn an effort to appeal to more WordPress site owners, Joseph Scott — who works for Automattic, which operates VaultPress, announced today that VaultPress is now offering a “Lite” plan at a $5 per month price tag.

You receive the normal benefits of daily backups, automated site restore, stats and activity logging, and 30 days of backups. What you don’t get is Customer Support.

No Customer Support? That’s actually a good idea in my mind. It cuts down on the touch points with the customer and allows for the lower price tag to pay for itself. The amount of time that Automattic saves by not providing customer service allows for the lower price tag to exist in the first place.

This is something I would actually be interested in exploring. I don’t currently pay for VaultPress, but since I don’t need technical support, a $5 per month price tag looks pretty good to me.

If you do need the customer service aspect, you will want to look a the Basic or Premium plans instead. Premium comes with automated WordPress security scanning and one-click fixers for security threats.