Infinite Scrolling, Coming Soon to a Dashboard Near You

Infinite scrolling is not something new. The major search engines have been doing it for a while with their image search results. It allows for a user to easily browse through an infinite number of search results, without having to clear “more.” It makes sense, and I agree with it.

WordPress 3.4 will bring infinite scrolling to the Dashboard. Issue #19815 is the patch that brings this to life.

As per scoping of 3.4, an improvement to the themes screens would be to have them infinitely scroll, especially now that they are floated divs instead of a table.

Pagination would be kept as-is for no-JS users. Loading and perhaps an end of results indicator also needed.

I’m really hoping that they build this functionality generically enough so it can be used in other parts of the Dashboard by developers, or even in themes.

via WP Devel