Huge Increase in Spam in the Last 2 Months

I noticed in the past 24 hours, I saw a huge increase in spam comments. I noticed it particularly because Akismet was failing and I suddenly received hundreds of e-mails from WordPress.

So I took another look at my recent Akismet stats, and I can clearly see an increase surge in spam comments.

Spam Comments

Have you noticed any increase in spam comments recently?


  1. By on

    That’s true. Even for smaller blogs I’m receiving some unfiltered Spams. Think it’s time to activate captchas/questions again :/

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  2. By I-4Web on

    A huge increase. Specifically the days leading up to black friday and a couple days after. Its since slowed down but still more than usual.

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  3. By on

    My spam stats for the last few months are :

    August = 118,980
    Sept = 156,420
    Oct = 248,422
    Nov = 429,783
    Dec = 593,420

    Accuracy rate is still 99.46% so I can’t really complain (actually I’m not complaining….)

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