How Yoast Opens up WordPress SEO to the Community

Joost de Valk

Image courtesy of Michael Dorausch

Yoast has been part of the WordPress community for a long time now and I’m really thankful he is. His plugins have been a huge time saver, and he’s continually been an open person to speak to.

He’s taking it one step further.

In a recent post, Yoast (aka, Joost de Valk) talks about his WordPress SEO plugin, the future of its roadmap, and how the community plays a role in it.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin has almost 5,000,000 downloads, and for any WordPress plugin, that’s a lot of downloads. With that, he’s becoming even more transparent. He’s taking a page from the Easy Digital Downloads book, and opening up development on Github to be more collaborative.

Also discussed in the post, Yoast touches on what he’s already started working on with the 2.0 branch of the WordPress SEO plugin.

I’m really excited to see Yoast open up his roadmap and the future of his SEO plugin to make it a more collaborative journey for everyone.


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