How to Sell Tickets on Your WordPress Site, Just Like

There’s a hidden gem you may not know about. It’s called CampTix, written by the same folks that build the open-source platform we love, WordPress.

After a few tries, I was able to get this plugin working fairly easily. Let’s dive in.

Download, Activate, and Let’s Get Started

First, search for CampTix in your dashboard when adding a new plugin. Download, then activate CampTix.

After activating CampTix, go to Tickets » Setup.

PayPal Payment Setup

Setting up PayPal payments is easy, once you have the right data. The instructions first told me to go to PayPal Developer, but that’s actually not the right way to do it.

You need to go to and login to your normal PayPal account. Then, go to Profile » My Selling Tools » API Access » Update. through this section, you can choose Option 2 to generate a username, API password, and API signature.

Once you have your API credentials, enter them into the setup screen.

CampTix PayPal Setup

Email Templates? Of course.

Email templates are also available when setting up CampTix. By default, there are some email template available. I didn’t bother changing them.

CampTix Email Templates

Reporting? Yes please.

What would an event ticketing plugin be without reporting data? The Automattic team provided some easy access to reporting tools to ensure you can report on your ticket sales.

CampTix Reporting

Show your tickets off

[camptix] and done. A mistake I made when I was testing was that I put the shortcode in a post. As of the latest version today, you can only put the [camptix] shortcode on a Page.

It comes with beautiful design and easy to read.

CampTix Tickets

BONUS! Coupons

I almost forgot to mention that CampTix comes with a built-in coupon system. You can add coupons to offer discounts for certain people or groups.

CampTix Coupons

This plugin is a breeze to setup and you can’t beat the price…of free.

Just in case you’re looking for an alternative to CampTix, take a look Event Espresso.

I’d love to hear if you’ve used CampTix and how it worked for you.


  1. By on

    Hi there,

    I’ve gotten the plugin but don’t know how to get the tickets to show up on the site. I’m only a beginner with WordPress. Do you have any resources that will explain it?


    Reply »

    • By Teresa on

      You have to create a new Page.

      Type “[camptix]” in the body of the Page and publish. Voila!

      It just took me several hours to figure this out. :)

      Reply »

      • By Jonathan Dingman on

        I had the same issue early on. I have a highlighted note under how to show your tickets, to make sure you put the shortcode on a Page.

        Reply »

  2. By on

    Thanks for the post! Does this system allow you to accept payment directly on your site, or will it always redirect the user to PayPal to complete the transaction?

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  3. By Tapan Desai on

    I cannot get this plugin to work for me. I always get the following error. “An error has occurred.” Can you please help me solve this issue? I’ve already sent an email to developer but I didn’t get any response.

    Reply »

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      What have you tried to do already? Did the follow the steps laid out above?

      Reply »

        • By Jonathan Dingman on

          It’s difficult to say where the problem is. Have you tried posting on the WordPress support forum yet?

          Reply »

      • By Tapan Desai on

        I uninstalled and installed it again, now the plugin seems to load, but when you click on checkout button, the page shows loading indicator for a while and then just blank page is left on the screen. Please check it yourself on the following link.

        Reply »

        • By Jonathan Dingman on

          Glad you made some progress.

          I would try posting on the support forums, someone there may have experienced this issue already.

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  4. By Azam on

    Since it’s a FREE version, I pretty couldn’t nag much about it and I found it is pretty straight forward. This is the plug-in that everyone should get started with. It’s handy, reliable, not complicated to setup, have the ability to accept online payment (paypal). I will give this plugin a test run and in the same time having a look at Event Espresso Lite.

    Thanks for the heed up Jonathan Dingman.

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