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Lee Willis recently published a plugin that will let you easily work with the API. “Paste the URL to a plugin into your posts or pages, and have the plugin information pulled in and displayed automatically.”

His plugin, Plugin Information Embed, will let you easily tap into a plugin’s current version, rating, number of downloads, and overall stats. It looks like a helpful plugin, especially if you’re heavily working with WordPress plugins.

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    You said: “It looks like a plugin…”. I think you forgot a word. Is it supposed to say “It looks like a *handy* (or *useful*, *nifty*, etc) plugin”?

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        No prob. Great site, BTW. Always nice to find a WP-related site with interesting stuff!

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    Nice sharing. This is really handy and useful plugin easily if you want to show the rating of the plugin in your blogspost.

    This kind of plugin might not be useful for hundred of thousands of WP users, but it would be really helpful for thousands blog authors, like you.

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