How to Disable the Post Formats UI in WordPress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 is coming quickly, with the recent announcement of WordPress 3.6 Beta 3. With the release of WordPress 3.6, we will see a major addition to the WordPress Write Screen: Post Formats.

Some say that this a big ripoff of what Tumblr has been doing for a while, but I disagree. I think it’s a nice addition to WordPress as it will help let people write more targeted content and add some nice spice to a site.

You may not want the new Post Formats though, thankfully Just Tadlock was quick to the draw and created a super simple plugin to allow you to completely disable Post Formats.

Disable Post Format UI does nothing more than what it says, it disables the post format UI when creating a new post. After activating this plugin, it will both remove the Post Formats UI as well as removing it from the screen options. Poof! Gone!

What do you think about Post Formats? Helpful? Annoying?


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    It’s also as simple as going to Screen Options and turning off the Post Formats UI. WordPress chooses the “Standard” post format by default, so there’s no reason to need a plugin to disable it unless you’re worried about disabling it for multiple users/sites.

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