How to Build Your Site with Themify

Themify, founded by Nick La in 2010, provides high quality premium WordPress themes. The themes are built on the Themify framework, which makes it really easy to control your site.

Here is a look at Themify’s recent release, Metro.

Themify: Metro Theme

Love or hate Windows 8, the crisp edges in the interface makes it one of the most elegant looking styles today. Metro is styled in the same crisp way; sharp edges, proper padding around the elements, and it looks outstanding. Check out a live demo for yourself.

But enough about the front-end, let’s dive into the framework that makes Themify so easy to customize.

Layout Options

First, let’s talk about the general settings provided. One of the options built into Themify is the layout options. The large amount of options makes it easy to design your site to be exactly how you envisioned it. Post layouts, portfolio layouts, general site settings like Exclude RSS Link and Pagination Options, Themify makes it possible for anyone — even without coding knowledge — to turn any site into your dream site.


Most frameworks you have to know how to code it and they don’t provide these kinds of options directly in the admin interface.

Styling Options

Next, let’s take a look at the skinning options. This is where it gets crazy with a ton of options. Styling options are available for nearly every element of your site. Swap in your own logo, style the site description, main navigation, post and page titles, and so much more.

Themify: Styling Options

Let’s skin it

Lastly, every Themify theme comes with multiple color skin options so you can find one that fits your needs. Again, this is not something that every other framework offers with their themes.

Themify: Skin Options

What about hooks and filters?

A framework wouldn’t be a framework without hooks and filters. Themify also has them available in case you’re a developer and want to start modifying your theme through code. The front-end is simply there as an easy means to design it how you want it to look.

Overall, Themify is a great choice both if you want to get started with little to no WordPress knowledge, but also a great option if you’re a seasoned WordPress developer.

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