How to Add Keyboard Navigation to WordPress

Last year, Stephen Coley released a plugin called Teleport, a plugin desgined to make it easier to browse WordPress as an author or admin.

Teleport for WordPress actually teleports you to another part of the site, using just keyboard navigation.

Teleport - WordPress Plugin

To access Teleport, you first need to install and activate it. Then press “w” on the keyboard, which will bring up a number of on-screen options to choose from via the keyboard.

  • e – (Edit) Edit current post/page
  • d – (Dashboard) Redirects to the Dashboard
  • s – (Settings) Redirects to the Settings page
  • a – (Archive) Redirects to Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types
  • q – (Quit) Logs the current user out / Redirects to Log In page
  • w – Close Teleporter / Log in
  • esc – Closes the Teleporter

I really like this plugin and think I may even start using it here on WP Force. It looks like a great plugin for enhancing WordPress accessibility.

And for those of you that don’t like the Admin Bar, this could be a great replacement.

Here’s a video of Teleport in action.

[wpfplugin link=”” download=””]

Have you used this plugin before? Do you have any other plugins that help with WordPress accessibility?


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    Had been looking for something like this. Makes wordpress experience really convenient. Great plugin.

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