How I Reduced My WordPress Comment Spam to Zero

I’ve been using Akismet for a while now, just like a lot of people do. It works really well, I rarely received any false-positives. However, I wasn’t really happy because I was still seeing a bunch of spam that I had clear out everyday. Sometimes upwards of up to 500 comments per day.

I looked at anti-spam plugins like captchas, but I really don’t really those are the best use of time for commenters and they can often be hard to read.

So I finally stumbled the Growmap Anti-spambot plugin. I looked at it and decided it was a better experience than a captcha, and I thought it would help reduce the number of spam comments that actually came to my site.

I was right.

After installing the plugin, the number of spam comments I receive each day now is usually under 2, compared to 500. That’s a huge drop and it makes it much more manageable to read through spam for any false-positives.

Confirm you're not a spammer

The plugin adds this small little checkbox asking you to confirm you’re not a spammer, as you can see below near the comments. Not everyone will want to do this, but I felt it was a better solution than alternatives out there.

I’m curious to know, what do you use to help fight spam?

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  1. By Amba Junior on

    You’re right. Used it in one of my wordpress sites too, and, boy, it works great. Of course .htaccess filters work well too

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  2. By on

    I have been using Akismet since December and I have had the same results, 0 spam, well the plugins taken care of it for me anyway.

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  3. By on

    I use and like this idea. But I think it is a better part, if the user have not the job to active the checkbox. In my solution I have a small script, that doing the job and only bots, or users without javascript must fill the checkbox.

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  4. By on

    I know many people who are using this plugin. Did you use this plugin alone, or with Akismet?

    Few months ago, many people who are using GROWMAP alone were attacked with trackback type of spam since the plugin only check commentators leaving comments on your own website. Therefore, I recommended them to use Akismet too besides Growmap to prevent this kind of attack.

    However, I’m not sure whether people are having the same problem with the current version.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I use both Akismet and GROWMAP. I’ve been seeing a few come through, but it decreased my spam from ~200/day down to 1 or 2 spam comments per day.

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  5. By on

    Akismet has worked well for me so far, but my visitor volume isn’t that high. Do you know if it tends to stop being effective for other high-traffic blogs?

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I don’t know why Akismet wouldn’t work on high traffic blogs. I’ve found Akismet to be effective, I just prefer not even seeing spam comments show up in the first place.

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