Add a Header Image to your Plugin in the WordPress Repository is an invaluable resource to anyone that uses WordPress. The plugins directory, the themes directory, and the support system are one of a kind.

Today, Matt Mullenweg announced a change coming to the WordPress Plugin Repository, but just as a test.

Here is the first change that already went live:

  1. Make a 772×250 pixel jpeg or png. (No animated GIFs. :) )
  2. Check it in to your plugin’s SVN directory with the path assets/banner-772x250.(jpg|png). Note that the assets directory is added to your plugin’s root directory, not trunk.
  3. On the next plugin directory refresh (every 15 minutes or so) you should see your image start showing up on the page.

Here is what it looks like.

Example taken from the Hello Dolly plugin.

This is definitely a great change as it let’s plugin authors have more control over their plugin page. Being able to really differentiate their plugin from another is definitely a good thing. A plugin can get so lost in the mix right now, giving more control to plugin authors is a good thing.

What other changes do you think could benefit plugin developers in the WordPress Repository?


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