Gravity Forms: A Flexible, Easy, and Customizable WordPress Contact Form Plugin

A lot of sites that run on WordPress have a contact form plugin enabled. So which contact form plugin do you choose?

Gravity Forms, despite the initial cost of $39, has been the easiest contact form plugin I have ever used for WordPress.

Why choose Gravity Forms?

I have tested a lot of contact form plugins in my time. Every other plugin I’ve tested has either had some piece it broken or didn’t work on my specific server, or overall just wasn’t easy to configure.

Powerful WordPress Contact Form PluginI found Gravity Forms to be really easy to customize and do what I needed to do with it. Some of the main things I love doing with Gravity Forms:

  • Setting up an auto-responder when someone submits my contact form
  • Creating a Custom Post Type directly from the contact form
  • Letting users submit guest posts directly from the contact form
  • Create user creates from the web interface

The plugin offers a lot more than just what I’m using it for though. also says it can support these features:

  • Multi-page forms
  • Limited number of entries – “Running a contest and only want to accept 50 entries? Easily limit how many entries a form will accept and display a custom message when that limit is reached.”
  • Advanced Fields
  • Scheduling contact forms – start and stop at specified days and times.
  • Pricing – the flexibility of Gravity Forms makes it easy to setup your own pricing fields
  • Shipping contact form, which is essentially a built-in WordPress shipping plugin.
  • Form Logic – Gravity Forms as it’s very core is what makes it so flexible, with Form Logic. Easy to setup logical statements to serve up different contact form fields.

I recently setup a site for a friend and he needed to add shipping + pricing fields to his site, then checkout with PayPal. Gravity Forms made it easy to configure and setup exactly how he needed it.

Within hours, his website was accepting PayPal payments and he could start shipping his product.

But don’t take my word for it, check out

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