Giveaway: 5 Winners – Win a Developer Account from Elegant Themes

WP Force and Elegant Themes have teamed up and we’re both excited to be giving away 5 Developer Accounts at, valid for 1 year each. Elegant Themes has over 80 premium WordPress themes available and over 180,000 customers.

Elegant Themes Giveaway

Contest Start Date: May 8th, 2013 at 12:00pm PT
Contest End Date: May 31st, 2013 at 11:00pm PT
What’s up for grabs: 5 Winners, 1 Developer Account each (5 accounts total) – each account is valid for one (1) year each.

I’m using to run the giveaway, so you have a number of ways to enter. Like us, tweet us, +1 us, or leave a comment below.

The contest will run through the end of May 2013 and we will announce the winner during the first week of June.

We’d love to hear in the comments about how you would use your developer account at Elegant Themes. Maybe you want to run your own Pinterest-like WordPress site or start your own photography site, we’d love to hear about it.

Connect via Facebook below and it will provide you with a number of ways to enter. Such as leaving a comment below, tweeting, giving us a +1, liking our Facebook pages, or following us on Twitter. Connect to get started!

WINNERS UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered. The winners were randomly selected and are the following:

  • Jessica Burke
  • Sai Kumar
  • Prayag Verma
  • Awais Baloch
  • Mitz Pantic

Thanks again and stay tuned for another giveaway in the future.


  1. By on

    I would use Elegant Themes to 1) update my sadly out-of-date business web site, and 2) jump start a second career as a WordPress site developer. Elegant Themes are gorgeous!

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  2. By Fumito on

    1) I’d like to use TheStyle. Thank you for the Contest :)

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  3. By Anita Nichols on

    I’m a freelance webdeveloper and would love to win a subscription to Elegant Themes because it would help my business. Their themes are so gorgeous, highly functional and customizable.

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  4. By Spencer on

    I have several sites that are just old, and really need updating. I’d also like to help others with their sites as well.

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  5. By on

    I would use to redesign my blogs and to help with my business as a WP developer

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  6. By on

    I greatly admire the “Gleam” theme and have been watching for a prospect needing a portfolio focused site to use this theme on. I’m convinced that this theme will elevate the public perception of this lucky client’s work substantially.

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  7. By Rob on

    Would love to win a developer membership to Elegant Themes, because I could use their themes for my freelance web development work.

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  8. By on

    Hello! I wanna win because i love wordpress, i love dev theme, i love themes ElegantThemes and i wann up my skill! Thanx for contest!

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  9. By on

    Hello Mitz.

    I really, really, really!!! want to win this giveaway.
    I was planning on purchasing ET anyway, only I could just afford the Basic plan.

    I want to develop a couple of blogs first, a learning-Greek-for-English-speakers one, and a Writer’s-Translator’s one — just for starters. Then, after I develop these a little bit, a third one on Greek mythology & history & culture.

    They may seem like a lot to do (and they are), but the themes are interconnected somehow, and one could help boost the others.

    The Developer’s license has access to the plugins which are very, very useful, and they would make it so much easier (and faster) for me to build the blogs!

    Time (and money) is a major issue for me: I live in Greece. You know, tremendous economic crisis and depression, 30% unemployment (official numbers, not the real ones). I’m a single mother who juggles between two part-time jobs, and I still can’t make ends meet.

    No budget for outsourcing — I’m the orchestra woman in this. And I’ve studied hard during the past couple of years, learning about WP (this is where yuor blog comes in) and marketing, experimenting with free and paid platforms, etc; I’m ready to do what it takes to promote my sites.

    God, I do hope I win this!
    I was about to purchase within the next few days, but now I’ll put it on hold for a while, focusing on content creation instead and waiting for the outcome.

    Bless you!

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    • By on

      Sorry, Jonathan!

      I got here from Mitz Pantic’s email link, and I got a little confused as to the writer of the post. (*feeling like an idiot*)

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  10. By Sumith Suresh on

    Elegant Themes, the name itself suggest that these themes have the power to turn your website into something special! :)
    Building my own personal blog was my dream and now its coming true this may as I have purchased a domain name and soon going to purchase a web-hosting.
    So before actually launching my blog, I would like to add all the best plugins and most importantly a good premium theme to up the game for my blog ;)
    For that I have expectations from this giveaway, to provide me a good premium theme for the cause :)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

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  11. By fukr on

    TheStyle is my favourate and I want to use it to run a simple magazine site

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  12. By on


    What I like about an Elegant Themes is the variety of themes to choose, really it’s impossible to not find one that suits to your needs. Clients appreciate that point, of course, with a tempting price :)

    I’d like to try on my blogs and surely with my clients too!

    Thank you for the giveaway!


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  13. By on

    I use elegantthemes on my business site now since 3 years – with discontinuities – and I am very happy with it! I really like their newest theme Lucid, to have the developer licence would be great.

    Kind regards from the Caribbean,

    Gerrit Harre

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  14. By on

    Well i am working as a volunteer in a non-profit NGO , ” ALPANA ” . Alpana helps cancer patient, supports self-help groups, creating awareness , stopping child labor, Teaching free IT’s and more. Because we are a small non-profit NGO and can work on donation, this will be a good help.

    I just want to create a website with wp, and start my developer career as a WP developer.

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  15. By on

    I would use Elegant Themes to 1) update my sadly out-of-date business web site, and 2) jump start a second career as a WordPress site developer. Elegant Themes are gorgeous!

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  16. By on

    Hi Jonathan Dingman, Great Giveaway!! Elegant Themes are really cool. Just entered the Giveaway and hope to win one developer account. Thanks for the Giveaway!!

    Sai Kumar

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  17. By on

    Great Giveaway. Just enterd Hope to win. Elegant themes are really awesome

    Thanks for this giveaway

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  18. By on

    I would be using Elegant Themes to give a full makeover to the my blog

    Thanks Jonathan for organizing this giveaway

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