Fable WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes’ latest WordPress theme, Fable, is absolutely beautiful. It’s functional, stunning to scroll through, and comes loaded with a bunch of options.

The Fable theme takes existing featured images for any post, and sets them as a large, stretched, background image, making your site instantly into a beautiful site.

Check out the Elegant Themes’ Fable Theme here »

Fable comes with lots of great design concepts for different post types: Standard, Gallery, Quote, and Video. This will become even more functional when WordPress integrations Post Formatsit unfortunately got bumped from the next WordPress 3.6 release.

Fable Theme Types

And what kind of WordPress theme release would it in be in the year 2013, if it didn’t come with a responsive design. So of course, Nick and his team made sure that the new Fable theme came with responsive design.

While responsive design is the latest and greatest in web design, I still hope that more theme companies take it a step further and make sure it’s just as speedy, only loading what is absolutely necessary for mobile devices.

Fable Responsive Design

Lots of color options too, to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Fable Theme Colors

Check out the Fable Theme page to learn more about Fable, or take a look at the theme demo.


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    I use Fable on my blog now, it’s a great fit for a personal blog and really puts a great focus on content. Although I’m getting a custom theme made as we speak, I would still recommend Fable as a fantastic theme to any blogger and I don’t regret my ET membership purchase either.

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