Envato to offer 100% GPL Licensing for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon

In a recent turn of events, Envato — the company behind ThemeForest, ran a survey to figure out which direction they should take the company.
Love GPL
The discussion arose from issues resulting from a ThemeForest author wanting to speak at a WordCamp event, and the WordPress foundation not allowing that speaker to speak — on the basis that they were creating work based on a non-GPL compliant license.

As a result of the survey, Envato will soon be offering an optional 100% GPL license where authors can license their work directly under GPL. Note, the new optional license will effect both ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

Here is the survey deck.


  1. By on

    Wow, this is GREAT! My personal view is if you physically a theme/plugin/image you should have the choice of the license it is distributed under. Think of Flickr allowing uploaders to choose licensing, I don’t think it is any different with themes/plugins or any form of code at that matter, it should be a personal choice.

    I think now i’m going to start working on some themes to release on themeforest! :)

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Definitely! Great to hear. Good luck with your themes!