ElegantThemes’ Chameleon, DeepFocus, and SimplePress now Responsive

ElegantThemes, the company behind some of the most beautiful premium WordPress themes available today, is spending some quality time to make their existing themes fully responsive.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

The word “responsive” is a popular buzzword flying around. It really means that a site is flexible and adjusts widths and dimensions based on the viewport of the browser. For example, your screen real estate available on an iPhone, iPad, or Android, is much smaller than on a 17″ Macbook Pro.

If your design doesn’t adjust, it can often look a lot smaller on those screens and they are usually harder to read. If your site’s CSS and HTML markup is responsive, it can be much easier to browser and enjoy a site.

Let’s dive into the newly updated themes by the ElegantThemes team.

Chameleon WordPress Theme

Chameleon Responsive WordPress Theme by ElegantThemes

Chameleon Theme Details Blog Post

DeepFocus WordPress Theme

DeepFocus Responsive WordPress Theme by ElegantThemes

DeepFocus Theme Details Blog Post

SimplePress WordPress Theme

SimplePress Responsive WordPress Theme by ElegantThemes

SimplePress Theme Details Blog Post

This is not the first responsive WordPress theme by ElegantThemes either. The premium WordPress themes shop previously released DailyJournal.

WPForce’s site is not yet responsive, but I’m going to be adding responsive styling in the coming months.

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