Drag, Drop, and Set the Featured Image in WordPress

Drag and Drop the Featured Image
The Drag & Drop Featured Image plugin is a way to easily set the featured image of a post.

Using this plugin will help bypass the need to help upload an image, then manually set it as the featured image.

However, by using the drag and drop feature, you have to take one extra step to insert the image into the post itself. If you regularly insert the post into the image, you may want to stick with the traditional media upload method — it really depends on your typical editing flow.

The alternative to this plugin is to upload an image and then use the Automatically Set Featured Image code snippet we’ve previously released.

[wpfplugin link=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/drag-drop-featured-image/” download=”http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/drag-drop-featured-image.zip”]


  1. By on

    You can stll add the image to the post. Just click the Upload/Insert Media Icon and you’ll see that the image available in your media gallery.

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    • By on

      As the creator of the plugin I second this comment. I made the plugin because I regularly set up all pages for a client website and then I need a fast way to upload the featured image afterwards. Being able to just drag and drop it really speeds things up in my experience and since it’s added to the media library you can easily find it when you need it.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Yes, you can still add the image, it’s just on the same screen — so it really just depends on someone’s typical workflow. I can see how it may be conveyed that a user couldn’t insert the image at all — I’ve re-worded it so it doesn’t convey that anymore.

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  2. By on

    I use a featured image on every post because it gets indexed in Google and sends free traffic.

    Therefore i know this plugin will make it faster to set the featured image.

    Should be part of the core in my opinion.

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