Dev to Production: How to Deploy WordPress Code via Version Control

Mark Jaquith recently posted on the Knewton blog about the release of WP-Stack.

WordPress - Version Control

In short, the plugin helps manage the release cycle of code to your WordPress-powered website.

This type of a plugin will be particularly useful for developers or site owners that don’t want to be using the “cowboy coding” method. (READ: editing live code in production servers)

Mark Jaquith built a set of “skeleton” files not too long ago, which helps with local development and pushing to production. He called it WP-Skeleton. Mark recommends starting out with these files as it will help when getting setup for WP-Stack.

Who is this for?

This project will have the most benefit for professional WordPress sites, where “doing it live” just isn’t an option. But there’s no reason it can’t be used for personal or small business websites too. Many organizations know that they should be using version control and a deployment system, but they don’t quite know where to start. It is my hope that WP Stack (and WordPress Skeleton) will help lower the barriers and lead to more organizations using professional development and deployment techniques for using the software that powers their public face.

Mark is very excited to see that Knewton is just as passionate about releasing the development work as open source, making it freely available.

I have to admit, I’m equally happy to see this code being released. In the past, I’ve had to help design similar systems that did the same thing, but less efficiently, because code and systems like WP-Stack hadn’t been built and released yet.

In case you missed it, Mark Jaquith knows a thing or two, actually a lot about scaling, servers, and deploying WordPress. Definitely worth watching his video.

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