Collaborative WordPress Editing, WP Post Forking at Indiegogo

A project was recently launched on Indiegogo named WordPress Post Forking. The project was created by Aaron Jorbin.

The goal of the project is to raise $5,000 to help with the development costs of creating a plugin that will allow a github-like editorial process. The plugin would allow for an author and its collaborators to “branch” a post and then “merge” it back into the main post, with any changes from other authors.

Here is what Aaron had to say about the project.

What is WordPress Post Forking

Post forking began with the question “What if we could re-imagine WordPress’s ease-of-use and intuitively dumb-simple workflow to introduce a layer of GitHub’s collaborative fork-and-merge horsepower under the hood?” Post Forking sets out to answer that. Authors can “Fork” another author’s post to add content or change wording and submit a request back to the author to merge the changes in. By scheduling a merge, sites can update pages or post without someone needing to push a button.

Future versions could enable any visitor to a site to submit a change request. Imagine your users adding sources ala wikipedia to your site (with you being the one that controls what goes in and what doesn’t) Two versions have been released so far and it has been downloaded over 1100 times.

In the current world of WordPress, there is no easy way to manage this kind of collaboration, which leads me to believe that’s the reason Aaron is trying to build such functionality.

I think this kind of editing could be very beneficial for multi-author WordPress blogs.

What do you think about this kind of editing?

UPDATE: In the comments below, Aaron notes that he and Ben Balter have already released two versions of the plugin and that the fund raising will give the project the attention it needs to bring it to a larger audience.


  1. By on

    Thanks for your kind words. The original Post Forking project was actually started by Ben Balter. I joined up with him early on and recently took over as project lead and decided to do this fundraising. We’ve released two version so far, but there is a lot of work needed to make it usable by a larger audience.

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Awesome to hear! It sounds like an interesting project, one which I may be able to even use in the future.

      Good luck on it!