Blogdroid to be Acquired by

In today’s big announcement, Blogdroid is set to be acquired by, a competing managed WordPress hosting provider.

“BlogDroid is a great acquisition to swell our ranks of happy customers. They will find a good home on our expanding service,” said Joshua Strebel, co-founder and CEO of while remarking on the deal. “Managed WordPress is what we do, we have future plans for the domain in that regard.”

BlogDroid was an attractive acquisition for due to their impressive growth in a short period of time, a more polished brand than most competitors, and the “customer-first” approach made by Karen Jackie, co-founder of BlogDroid. She had the following to say about the acquisition:

“We are extremely excited to see our valued WordPress customers move to such a mature and well respected service like We want to make sure the transition is as easy as possible and will be assisting the team in making sure every customer has a seamless moving experience.”

Blogdroid customers will be moving over to the service, but will not be offering all the services that Blogdroid offered. Email and DNS are the two primary features that will not be supported.

Email and DNS were two big reasons why I really loved Blogdroid, but no other managed WordPress hosting provider out there, offered those service.

In an email to [Blogdroid] customers, they had this to say:

If you had email boxes on our servers, please be aware that Pagely does not do email. We would recommend that you:

  • set up gmail accounts
  • set up boxes at your current domain registrar
  • sign up with Rackspace Hosted Email
  • sign up with Zoho (there is a free option)

Needless to say, I’m disappointed that won’t take on those services to support Blogdroid customers, that they will still have to go find their own e-mail and DNS providers.

UPDATE: Based on a comment by co-founder Sally, does offer DNS services and the company previously offered email services. But they found offering email is a full time job in itself, so they decided on only offering DNS, on top of their core managed WordPress hosting.


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    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post. DOES offer DNS through Dynect. We use to offer email but like hosting, it can be a full time job. We chose to stick with what we are very good at and let email providers stick with what they are good at for the benefit of our clients. In the future, we may revisit email but it really needs to benefit our clients.

    Sincerely, Sally

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    I came across Blogdroid website few months ago and really like the design of the website. is really a big player in webhosting and therefore this acquisition will really help them moving forward and offers managed WordPress hosting. About last month Dreamhost also introduced DreamPress. Seems like everyone is getting interested to offer WordPress-specific hosting, which is a good indicator that WordPress is growing healthy.