Beta Testing with the Ability to Roll Back to Stable

In a recent post by Jane Wells, UX lead of WordPress, she asks @Westi if there should be an option in the Beta Tester plugin, to roll back to the latest stable version of WordPress.

WordPress Beta TestingTo date, there has never been an easy way to roll back to a previous version. Whether you were running 3.4 and wanted to roll back to 3.3, or if you were running 3.5-alpha and wanted to roll back to 3.4 stable; there has never been an easy way to achieve this.

Many webmasters do want this ability though for the plugin. Right now, if you activate the plugin on your site, you’re basically stuck using the beta version until that particular version becomes stable. At that point, you can upgrade to stable and stay on that build as long as you want.

One of the ideas someone put out, was to create a backup of the database before activating the “beta” version, so there’s something stable to roll back to.

On the flip side of that, what happens when you post new data to the existing database that isn’t in sync with the backup? Dataloss.

A lot to think about, but I do think that Jane is on to something here. I agree that the Beta Testing plugin does need an effective way to revert back to the previous stable version.

What do you think about the proposed idea from Jane?