Automattic Projects $45M in Revenue for 2012

AutomatticIn a recent article by Liz Gannes over at AllThingsDigital, she shows off some statistics about Automattic.

Here are some key points of the article:

  • Projected revenue of $45 million for 2012
  • 500,000+ paying customers
  • Recently launched revenue-sharing network
  • To date, only 118 employees (world-wide — Automattic is a “distributed company”)

Recently, it was announced that WordPress powers roughly 49% top 100 websites on the web. That’s a mix of and self-hosted WordPress sites (like With that kind of strength, being an open source product, it’s easy to see how Automattic is being so successful.

Part of the Automattic TeamAutomattic, being a distributed company, enables its employees to work anywhere in the world giving them the freedom to stay where they are and not have to relocate. That’s both a huge incentive for the employees to want to work for Automattic, but on top of that, they are more likely to be happy since they get to stay put. The true special-sauce of being a distributed company like Automattic is that it enables Automattic to offer customer support in more than one time zone, often providing faster response times for customers and users all over the world.

Liz writes that Automattic is slow to adopt new “shiny objects” such as following other users, like Tubmlr has had for a long time. However, that has played to both their advantage and disadvantage — which they are alright with, they march to their own beat.

Looking at the growth of both WordPress self-hosted and sites over the past 5 years, I’m excited to see how much further they can dominate those top 100 sites and continue building a great product.

via AllThingsDigital / image via Blog

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