Akismet Partner Program

Akismet has launched a partner program, also called an affiliate program, to help reward people for recommending their service.

The payout structure is quite different than you’d expect out of an affiliate program though.

The economics

We’ll pay 40% of the expected first year revenue. So if the customer signs up for an annual payment, you get 40% of what they pay. If they sign up for a monthly payment, you’ll get 40% of the 12 payments ($24 for Pro, $240 for Enterprise) as a one-time single payment.

Payments will be made via PayPal 45 days after the end of the month in which the customer signs up.

We reserve the right to stop the program at any time.

In a typical affiliate program, there is a one-time payout or pay-out of, for example, 5% of the lifetime of the account.

Instead, Automattic has decided to payout 40% of the projected revenue for the first year, and that’s the last you’ll see of the revenue.

So someone could sign up for a monthly plan of $5/mo and you would expect to see $23.50, even if the account is canceled just after two months.

This could cause quite a bit of abuse as they are willing to payout more than they have actually collected from the customer. Why they are choosing to do this, I’m not sure, it’s a very strange way to run an affiliate program.

One other thing that is massively different than a typical affiliate program this this:

Linking to your referrer code on the internet, or in any way promoting it to people that aren’t your customers is prohibited, and will result in your being removed from the program. The plan here is to have less spam, not more!

The goal of the partner program is really to help reward developers that have clients, rather than have affiliate marketers sending loads of traffic to Akismet for the kick-back.

HT WPCandy