Advanced Custom Fields author considers moving away from

Elliot Condon, plugin author behind Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), tweets that he is considering moving the next major version of the plugin away from and towards a PRO single / multi licensing option.

Right now, most of ACF’s plugins are free — on — with just a few premium plugins. With Elliot’s tweet, he considers making the entire plugin premium and include all add-ons with the purchase.

To date, the plugin has over 1,200,000 downloads. I have personally used the plugin and it’s really easy to use, to manage custom fields across WordPress.

Do you think moving away from towards a premium model, is the best move for Elliot? Why or why not?

Some people are tweeting at Elliot already with their thoughts.

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UPDATE: In some follow-up tweets, it looks like Elliot has no intention of moving the free version away from, nor making it a paid-only plugin. But rather that the add-ons would be bundled together as a single premium cost.


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    In an exchange with him on Twitter, I expressed misgivings about taking something that is currently free and start charging for it. His reply: “I think you are confused. ACF will always live on [] as a free plugin. This is a change to the premium add-ons”

    So I think there’s some ambiguity in his statement that you might want to clear up with him.

    For the record, I love ACF and would pay for it because it’s become an indispensable part of my workflow. In fact, I have bought one of the premium add ons already (back in the version 3 days). ACF is a great plugin and deserves financial support, but it’s always hard to take something that had previously been free and start charging for it.

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      Thanks for the comment Tracy, I updated the post to reflect a more recent tweet of his.

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    Try doing what ACF does with code and you’ll find out how much time the plugin saves you.

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    I love this plugin and have purchased all four of its paid add-ons. However, I do hope the author can make the major change smoother.
    One of my client complained that his website got messed up when ACF’s purchased add-ons were separated from the main plugin. He updated ACF without knowing that, he also didn’t know how to fix since somebody else installed those add-ons for him. Since then he tried to avoid using ACF in his future projects.
    So no matter which way the author choose to go, please consider the users who have used the add-ons all over their sites.