7 Authors to Reach $1,000,000 on ThemeForest

Envato announced today (well, in the future because they’re in Australia and it’s already the 30th), that there have now been 7 authors to reach $1,000,000 in sales. There is currently only 1 author to reach $2,000,000 though.

The first author reached $1,000,000 in sales back in December 2011.

On July 30th — yes, weird, it’s in the future…? — ThemeFusion reached $1,000,000 in sales. ThemeFusion is powered by two men, Luke and Muhammad. In the post, they have a great interview with the two about how they reached this great milestone.

“On a regular ThemeFusion workday, Muhammad and I both spend anywhere from 8-14 hours,” said Luke in the interview. I’ve seen on various occasions that people don’t take ThemeForest seriously, or that their coding standards may not be up to the same level of other premium WordPress theme companies like StudioPress. However, putting in that kind of time, every day, does make it a full time job — and it’s hard to argue with $1,000,000 in sales for having just 1 theme in the marketplace.

ThemeFusion has over 30,000 sales, over 16,000 members in the support forums, so it’s needless to say that they’ve had a huge success in the ThemeForest marketplace.

I wish them all the best and success, and it’s awesome to see just another author hit the $1,000,000 milestone.

UPDATE: As noted below in the comments, ThemeFusion actually reached the Power Elite status at the start of June, it took a while to get the interview together, so they were able to finally post it.


  1. By on

    Hey Jonathan,

    Thank you for mentioning us!

    We actually reached power elite in start of June but it took a while to get everything together for the interview. :)

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Thanks for noting that. I updated the post to reflect the actual time you reached Power Elite.

      Congrats! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to writing about you guys when you’ve reached $2,000,000 :)