5 WordPress plugins to help with theme debugging

Adam Pickering, co-founder of Mint Themes, recently posted a list of plugins that they use to help theme debugging.

  1. Monster Widget – “The Monster widget consolidates all 13 core widgets into a single widget enabling theme developers to create multiple instances with ease. It has been created to save time during theme development and review by minimizing the steps needed to populate a sidebar with widgets. The Monster widget is not designed for use in production.”
  2. VIP Scanner – Hoping to submit your theme to the WordPress.com marketplace? You’ll need to ensure that your theme passes the VIP Scanner. This plugin is a combination of what was Theme Checker and Exploit Scanner. As an added bonus, check out WordPress.com’s theme guidelines.
  3. Deprecation Checker – Just as the plugin name leads you believe what it is, this plugin checks for deprecated functions that may hinder the effectiveness of your theme.
  4. Jetpack – You may already be familiar with Jetpack. It’s a widely popular plugin that offers a lot of functionality already found on WordPress.com. Features such as media carousel, Jetpack comments, comment and post subscriptions, WordPress.com stats, and a number of other features. Ensuring that your theme works well with Jetpack is a very good idea — otherwise you may find yourself with customers complaining that they have make further changes to become Jetpack compatible.
  5. WordPress Beta Tester – This plugin let’s you enable nightly builds to your WordPress installation. Testing with the latest WordPress code because it’s published as an official build is a great idea, to ensure that your themes are compatible and ready for the next version of WordPress.

Props to Adam for putting together a great collection of plugins to debug your WordPress theme.

Which plugins do you use when developing your theme?

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