2 Tips for Managing Your Content

WordPress uses a Status for posts and pages. Something that is often overlooked, is that there is a Pending Review status.

Pending Review and Drafts

Using the Draft and Pending Review statuses to help organize content is an easy, built-in way, to manage content.

For example, you should use Pending Review as the state for when a post is ready to publish, but you don’t want to schedule it or publish it immediately. Then you might use Drafts as a way to keep post ideas or works in progress.

Editing & Plugins

If you want to keep your drafts cleaner, you should even go as far as to use a plugin like Post Ideas+ to manage notes and ideas. Then if you wanted to take it a step further and manage the process of writing and editing content, you could even use a plugin like Edit Flow. This plugin will let you manage everything from setting a budget and users, all the way to usergroups and calendars.

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