10 Years of WordPress, Thank You.

WordPress, thank you. Thank you to the community, thank you to Matt Mullenweg, thank you to Mike Little [2].

The first thing I want to say is that it’s been a wild ride. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without WordPress in my life. It has changed many parts of me, it has helped me make amazing friends (and continue meeting new ones), and it has helped teach me a lot.

The simple concept of WordPress is that it’s a blogging platform, well, at least that’s what Matt originally spun it off to be. WordPress is so much more than just a blogging application now. It powers a multitude of high-end websites and offers functionality so beyond blogging.

10 years of WordPress

So what are some things I’ve seen over the past 10 years of WordPress? A lot is an understatement.

I remember when…

  • “Pages” didn’t exist. They used to be “virtual directories” and were difficult at best to create and manage
  • Hello Dolly was the coolest plugin for WordPress
  • Caching wasn’t even a glitter in anyone’s eye
  • WordPress was not for the enterprise
  • WordPress could only handle a single website
  • WordPress had to be in the same directory that you wanted to serve up WordPress
  • WordPress introduced different post statuses (published, draft, and private)
  • WordPress 1.0 introduced SEO-friendly links
  • Sub-categories were introduced
  • Automatic thumbnails were introduced
  • A “post preview” became available…such a saving grace!

A quick glimpse at the WordPress release history

Dec 11, 2012 WordPress 3.5 “Elvin”
Jun 13, 2012 WordPress 3.4 “Green”
Dec 12, 2011 WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”
Jul 4, 2011 WordPress 3.2 now available
Feb 23, 2011 WordPress 3.1, lots of fun
Jun 17, 2010 WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious"
Dec 19, 2009 WordPress 2.9, oh so fine
Jun 11, 2009 2.8 Released
Dec 11, 2008 WordPress 2.7 "Coltrane"
Jul 15, 2008 WordPress 2.6
Mar 29, 2008 WordPress 2.5
Sep 25, 2007 WordPress 2.3
May 16, 2007 WordPress 2.2
Jan 22, 2007 WordPress 2.1 Ella
Dec 31, 2005 WordPress 2
Feb 17, 2005 Announcing WordPress 1.5
May 22, 2004 WordPress 1.2
Jan 3, 2004 WordPress 1.0
Oct 11, 2003 0.72 Final Version Available
Jun 9, 2003 WordPress 0.71 Now Available
May 27, 2003 WordPress Now Available

The Community, the team, and new friends

WordPress, the community, the founders, and now the wonderful team behind it at Audrey Capital and WordPress.com, a huge thank you to everyone. I also want to give a special thank you to (in alphabetical order): Dre Armeda, Travis Ballard, Michael Bastos, Aaron Brazell, Donncha O Caoimh, Brandon Dove, Ryan Duff, Carl Hancock, John Hawkins, Tony Perez, Deb Puchalla, Margaret Roach, Andy Stratton, Devin Walker, Brad Williams. I know there are people I left out and I apologize if I left you out. I’ve made some amazing friends over the past 10 years, through WordPress, and for all of you I am very thankful.

Thank you WordPress. Thank you everyone.

A few other folks have had some happy birthday and anniversary posts, such as Mike Little and Lorelle.

In the past 10 years, how has WordPress changed your life?


  1. By on

    You’re welcome. I think all of us, whether we use WordPress daily, develop on it professionally have a whole lot of gratitude. WordPress touches all of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

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  2. By Samedi Amba on

    I remember sitting in class one day doing a project with dreamweaver’s php. A friend came along, watched me for a while, and asked: “why don’t you use wordpress?”
    that was 3 years ago. I kept thanking him by mail every time we chatted. As a university webmaster, wordpress makes my blogging and development life real easy. Plus, with the large and generous community, my life has really taken a turn around as a result of this. I even earned my job right from college partlythrough a wordpress project(and God’s help, of course) that impressed my current employer. As I aim at a freelance life, I know the future is bright for me as a wordpresser.
    So, thanks guys for this article, and to all the unsung heroes for making it the most popular web software in the world.

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  3. By on

    Jonathan, I’ve been a fan of yours for ages. You’ve done so much to help WordPress and the WordPress community. Thanks for sharing your bit of history with WordPress.

    Not sure Hello Dolly was ever the “coolest” WordPress Plugin, but it was the first. LOL!

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  4. By on

    Don’t forget all the helpful people in the forums back in 2003/4 too – Cena, Nuclearmoose, Sushubh, Carthik, LaughingLizard, TechGnome and others. The early days were important and it wasn’t just about code.

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