10 Favorite WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes

Nick and the Elegant Themes team produce beautiful and wonderfully-crafted WordPress themes every month. Here is a small collection of my favorite themes.

Which themes do you love?

Memoir WordPress Theme

Memoir by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/memoir” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/memoir-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Chameleon WordPress Theme

Chameleon by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/chameleon” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/chameleon-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Résumé WordPress Theme

Resume by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/resume” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/resume-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

PersonalPress WordPress Theme

PersonalPress by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/personalpress” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/personalpress-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

SimplePress WordPress Theme

SimplePress by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/simplepress” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/simplepress-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Modest WordPress Theme

Modest by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/modest” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/modest-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Webly WordPress Theme

Webly by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/webly” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/webly-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Notebook WordPress Theme

Notebook by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/notebook” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/notebook-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Evolution WordPress Theme

Evolution by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/evolution” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/evolution-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]

Sky WordPress Theme

Sky by Elegant Themes

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/sky” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/sky-demo” price=”$39 – access to 70+ themes”]


  1. By Fabrizio on

    ElegantThemes has a very high value. I used them for some of my sites and I must say are fantastic. My favorite piece in your list is SimplePress and I think eStore (not in your list) is perfect for a ecommerce site.

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  2. By on

    As I searched for a premium theme, the price for an Elegant Themes membership pulled me over the edge.
    My personal favorite is Webly and my newest site is running that theme.

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